How do I register for the series?

Below are the links to each race. Go to each individual race and register with promo code=SUPFUN ($10 off each race).

North Shore SUP CUP

Paddle for Plummer

Misery Challenge

A reminder: you are required to choose the same board class for each race to be eligible for Series points, cash & prizes.

Is there a discount for participating in the series?

YES! For participating in at least 2 of the 3 races we’d like to offer you $20 off per
race. Please use promo code=SUPFUN when registering for each race.

What is the cash purse?

$1200 Cash Purse
$300 (Male/Female 1st Place)
$200 (Male/Female 2nd Place)
$100 (Male/Female 3rd Place)

Cash prizes will be allocated to the top 3 Male/Female Pro – Board Class 14′ and under.

What are the prizes?

Prizes will be awarded to the following: 

  • Top 3 Elite Male/Female – Board Class 14’ and Under.
  • Top 3 Amateur Male/Female – Board Class 12’6″

All Series cash and prizes will be distributed at the award ceremony which will be held at the Misery Challenge which is the 3rd and final race of the series.

Can I switch board classes depending on the race?

NO! Whatever class you choose to race in, you must stay within that board class
for all of the SUP races.

How does scoring work?

Series Scoring
Scoring will be based on 3 events. If you complete 4 events, you’ll have an opportunity to throw away your worst score. Points are awarded based on race placement. (ie: 1st place- 1 point, 2nd place-2 points, etc. )
The lower your score the better you stand.

Point Standings 
*To be included in series points, you must have competed in all races in the same board class.


What is a throw away race?

If you’re ALL IN and register for all 4 races, you’ll have the opportunity for what we are calling a “throw away race”. Meaning, your 3 best races will be used for series scoring. This is a great opportunity for those that participate in all races to utilize your best races and toss out your worst or lowest ranking race.

Have a question about the Series or Sponsorship?

Please email us at ‘supsummahseries@gmail.com’ and one of the Race Directors will contact you.

I've just started racing is this something I can do?

Yes absolutely! Make sure to read through the different race descriptions so you have an idea of what mileage and what kind of course is being offered. All races offer plenty of safety support including local harbormasters, stationed safety boats, volunteer kayaks and more.