The New England Summah Race Series consists of four Stand Up Paddle (SUP) events throughout the North Shore of Boston. The series kicks off in June with the North Shore SUP Cup at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA.  A month later Paddle for Plummer takes place at the Plummer Home for Boys at Winter Island in Salem, MA. Next up is the Misery Challenge at Tuck’s Point in Manchester, MA and finally the series championship, the Cape Ann SUPahbowl at the brand new Beauport Hotel in Gloucester, MA caps off the summer racing in August.

This is a unique opportunity available to a limited number of select corporate sponsors. Participation in this summer Stand Up Paddle race series will expose your business at four professionally managed, community events throughout New England. Each unique community SUP event will provide a chance to showcase your business to thousands of people from January through August. We have come together as race-directors and organizers to combine our sponsorship opportunities to offer more exposure for you across all our channels. These four spotlight events have heavily impacted the growth of SUP over the past few years establishing New England as a new hub for the sport. Through our various corporate sponsors we are now able to add more value for them and to our participants as we continue to expand the growth of this series.


T H E  D E M O G R A P H I C S

These races attract hundreds of water and outdoor enthusiasts as well as weekend-adventure seekers of all ages and skill levels. Some are out to race hard to the finish-line – others just to have some fun and cross it. These participants are fueled by being in nature, with friends and like-minded health warriors. Smiles, high-fives, cheering and applause are all part of the beautiful landscape of the Summah Series. The accessibility of Stand-Up Paddle attracts a crowd looking for a healthy dose of competition, a day of fitness and fun, and something unique to train for in the months prior to the series. They stay connected off-season through training groups and social media and form bonds that grow through race prep and mutual goals. Spectators often come to support their friends and family, but even people who aren’t officially supporting or participating tend to turn out to enjoy the competitive spirit and post-race festivities. Fans and racers alike thrive on community, and “stoke” on one another’s passion for paddle sports. A unique chemistry is ignited when elite racers from around the world gather and intersect with families and wellness junkies to form the perfect community event. This shared mission makes for camaraderie and friendships that deepen year after year.

Although we don’t have specific socioeconomic data for the Summah Series yet, household income based on a very comparable demographic is as follows: “In a survey of 1,700 U.S. triathletes, 55 percent had a household income of more than $100,000 a year, 90 percent attended college or have a post-graduate degree, 70 percent work full time and 74 percent own their own home.” – bloomberg.com


T H E  S P O N S O R S H I P

Sponsorship opportunities can be customized to meet a brand’s marketing metrics and goals.

Below please find outlined details, demographics and statistics for each event.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and are committed to finding strategic, effective, experiential ways to integrate your brand into this unique regional series.



Send us an email at supsummahseries@gmail.com and one of the Race Directors will contact you.